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TechFor the latest technology for your new air conditioning system, speak with the experts at Fallon Air Conditioning

1. Remote Control & WiFi Apps

Allowing convenient control from anywhere within the home.  The lastest WiFi connected thermostats can even connect via a phone app at any location.  It means that you may not have to point a remote control at the system or walk to wall mounted location to change the settings on your system.

2. Programmable Savings

A digital programmable thermostat is one of the simplest ways of helping to lower your home's energy consumption and costs. With a programmable thermostat, you have greater control over when you want your system turned on and off, without having to be there. Imagine the comfort of coming home to a house already cooled without having to leave the system operating all day. Just programme your system to come on at the desired time, and you won't have to imagine any longer.

3. Home Comfort Professionals

The team at Fallon Air Conditioning are qualified, licensed professionals able to provide you with the perfect air conditioning systems and solutions for your home, budget and lifestyle.

4. Up-Front Pricing

We provide complete up-front pricing allowing you to make an informed decision before engaging our services.

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

We value your custom and enjoy providing you with a level of service that we back with a satisfaction guarantee.

For thermostat solutions and advice for your home's cooling needs in the Brisbane and SE Queensland Region, call and speak with the home comfort experts at Fallon Air Conditioning today.

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